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Customer Testimonials

Jim Fitzpatrick - 6 weeks ago

I just had a new Computer set up and all my data transferred from my old PC. Very happy with the service, next week I’m going to have my wife's iPad set up. I highly recommend "Twice the Geek"

Richard Berthiaume - 12 weeks ago

I needed help setting up Amazon Echo and called "Twice the Geek". He helped set up my Amazon account and got me up and running in short order. He also helped me reset my Apple Password. I would highly recommend them!

Marge Moon - 16 weeks ago

I have been using Twice the Geek Computer repair for over 10 years. He has helped me with removing virus infections and setting up my printers. I also got an iPad and iPhone years ago and he helped me set them up and has helped teach me how to use them. Today he set up a Gmail account for me so I can see all my You Tube videos that i watch. He has great patience and has help at times reset passwords for me. I’m looking forward to getting Amazon Alexa and having that set up for me soon.

Fred Zuccarelli - 17 weeks ago

3rd time I have used Joe......Awesome service at an awesome price!!!!!!

Cliff Rufkahr - 18 weeks ago

Does a great job helping me with my computer. They are always there when i need them even on weekends.

John Bolus - 19 weeks ago

I have been using Twice the Geek Half the Price Computer Repair since 2006. It doesn't matter what kind of problem I am having he can fix it. TV, my Mac computer and everything else. Always answers his phone and gets my issues taken care of very quickly. 1/2-hour rate also!

William Esposito - 19 weeks ago

Have been using Joseph for over 10 years. Whenever I have a problem I call and he always answers the phone, even on weekends. Great service!

RONALD STURDIVANT - 23 weeks ago

Joe is good at what he does

Tony Jannetti - 36 weeks ago

I called Joseph with a screen problem intending to go to his workplace. He asked one question and immediately diagnosed the problem and talked me through how to fix it! Clarity and intelligence!! Thank you, Joseph.

Peggy Coleman - May 8, 2018

I highly recommend Joseph at Twice the Geek. He is knowledgeable and professional. 5 Star rating!

Nancy Scheffer - May 2, 2018

Have had the pleasure of using Joseph and his company for many years and I cannot say enough about the quality and the professional manner that he exhibits while doing all of our work . I will never contact anyone else....

Mario DeMicheli - Apr 29, 2018

He showed up on time and got my Gmail up and running. Very pleased. He only charged me for a half an hour also.

Maria Vecchio - Apr 11, 2018

Have used this computer repair service since 2010 and am very satisfied! Always been a happy customer and he even comes to Estero! highly recommend Joseph!

D. Rynders - Apr 6, 2018

Twice the Geek has saved my computer from the garbage can! Highly recommend him.

Rebecca Bean - Apr 3, 2018

I have been using Twice the Geek for many years now and I am very happy with the service. I sometimes call on weekends and he always answers the phone!

John Mowrey - Mar 30, 2018

I called to make an appointment and the owner helped me troubleshoot over the phone. I tried several times to remedy the error message on my Microsoft Surface to no avail. The owner of Twice the Geek Half the Price was kind, patient, conscientious, and knowledgeable. We resolved the issue in about five minutes, and he wished us a wonderful weekend. Nice Guy! Knows what he is doing! I will go back the next time I need tech support!

Carol Bachman - Mar 19, 2018

We have been using Twice the Geek for years and love the prompt service. Calls get answered even on weekends! I would highly recommend using them.

George Emmott - Mar 15, 2018

I have been using Joseph for a very long time and am always pleased with his prompt service. He has worked on my computers, my iPad and my iPhone. He also helped me set up my new cable box and smart TV. I would highly recommend him.

Richard Rice - Jan 29, 2018

I got a new computer and needed help. I called in the late evening and Joseph answered. It’s nice knowing someone is always there to help. Very happy with the service. Richard

Harry Del Plato - Jan 16, 2018

I needed help setting up new laptop. I called Twice the Geek to schedule an appointment and Joseph showed up promptly and efficiently set up my new computer and showed me how to operate windows 10. Very pleased with his service and highly recommend Twice the Geek Half the Price Computer Repair.

Shelley Mcintosh - Oct 31, 2017

He is the greatest tech i have ever had and I would never use anyone else. He always answers his phone, even on weekends! He helped with my computer and my phone and even fixed the problem with my iPhone not working in my new car. I recommend him highly.

Peter Carini - Aug 11, 2017

I was having trouble with my iPad and iPhone communicating with each other. A friend referred me to a Joseph, that was 7 years ago, and I am very pleased with his service. He has helped with connecting my phone to my car as well as getting me set up with Netflix on mt TV. Today we are setting up a Fitbit Blaze for my wife. He can help with everything; I highly recommend him.

Marie Klemann - Aug 7, 2017

I have been using Joseph since 2005 and am very pleased with his service. He always answers the phone, even on weekends. He has helped us with our iPad, and iPhone, computers and printers. Very reasonable rate and am happy to recommend him to you.

Richard Mancib - Aug 20, 2015

I've been using Joseph for many years. I'm very happy with the service he provides. I would recommend him highly.

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