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What Are My Best Options to Back Up Data?

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (14)

Top Answer: Embrace Redundancy, both physical and Cloud based Back Up

The simple answer is: Multiple copies. Whatever else you do, don't trust any single media, location or service. Personally, I currently use external (USB-connected) hard disks for backup purposes. I keep it in a physically separate location, a home safe or waterproof/fireproof lockbox if possible. You do not want your physical backup connected to your computer. Virus’s like Crypto locker will creep onto that drive and render that data useless.

Once I put everything onto a hard drive, I then back that drive up using cloud software. OneDrive from Microsoft is my choice for all data. It is integrated with in your windows computer and also works seamlessly with your other office products. If you sign up for Office 365 you get 100 gigs of Cloud Storage. That’s a lot of space. I also utilize my free Cloud storage from my Adobe subscription to Photoshop and Light room. You get 20 gigs of storage with your subscription. I back up all my photos there. I use Dropbox and get free 2 gigs of storage to backup any document I wish to share with others. The interface is easy and sharing files or folders is also very easy. It’s also free and that’s easy on the budget.

The point is that I have all my data stored on an external hard drive, and then spread my data around in Cloud storage to minimize any type of data disaster. I suggest you do the same. For Apple product I do utilize iCloud for all my phone contacts and data and by installing the iCloud control panel I can sync all my Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendars with my phone or iPad. You can also sync your bookmarks on your phone with all the bookmarks or favorites in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

I will say I have stopped using Photo stream because it just does not work properly, even after many years of tweaking by Apple. If you get Office 365 you can also put it on your iPhone or iPad. Once you set it up it asks if you would like to use OneDrive to back up your photo library. If you choose yes it will give you an extra 3 gigs of storage. Not only that, but every picture you take on your phone or iPad will get automatically synced to the One Drive folder on your computer. Once it’s there you can treat it like any other image, deleting, moving, and printing. Unlike trying to do anything with the image if it’s in Photo stream.